PPC – The key to targeted leads that build your business.

Targeted Marketing with PPC

PPC – Pay Per Click Marketing

Gain Targeted Traffic With Pay Per Click Campaigns
Pay per Click is a fantastic way to drive extremely targeted traffic to your website. We can help make sure that the PPC campaign that you embark upon will not only drive the amount of traffic that you want, but the right kinds of traffic!

Whether you are looking to build brand awareness across a wide range of search terms, to running pinpoint accurate specific offers, our team will utilize all of our resources to ensure your marketing dollars gain a return on your investment. We will spend your marketing dollars as if they were our own, with complete transparency to you!

Identity Marketing PPC Services

We work hard to ensure that we stay at the cutting edge of the trends to ensure that your PPC campaigns are not only efficient, but operate at their maximum potential as well. Ultimately, we partner with you to gain the maximum ROI for your marketing dollars. One thing that you will learn about us in time is this, we take the dollars you spend with us very seriously. We treat them as if they were our own, working tirelessly to ensure a positive result for your marketing dollars!

Through analysis of your website, keyword research and a competitive industry analysis, we have a strong understanding of your industry and what it takes to be effective within your market. Utilizing industry best practices and proven PPC techniques, we will develop a powerful, multi faceted and layered approach to your online marketing. Utilizing all of our resources at hand, we will promote your campaign across multiple mediums and social platforms. Ensuring that we optimize for all types of devices so that no matter where someone finds you, we have a great chance of converting them to a paying client.

Wait…There’s More!

Much of the success of a PPC marketing campaign lies within the place that our potential client lands within the website. This “landing page” performance is key to boosting the quality score which can lead to lower cost per click rates for you! Our ongoing management includes ensuring that these pages are optimized in such a way, utilizing the latest SEO techniques, to lower the cost per lead for you. Many of the techniques we use often include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Keyword expansion based upon data
  • Ad copy testing and rotation
  • Geographically targeted campaigns
  • Quality score analysis
  • Bidding updates to coincide with cost per lead

PPC Benefits

Get Live Now!

Have a new website and need to be found in a hurry? PPC can be delivering your ad copy giving you targeted traffic in just a few quick days. Pay per Click is an immediate way to gain the website traffic that you desire even if your organic presence is not quite where you want it to be yet. PPC gives you the ability to have an immediate presence across hundreds of search terms for your niche starting right now!

ROI Tracking:
The beauty of PPC is that we have very important data that can be highly valuable that we have access to shortly after your campaign goes live. As the data begins to roll in, we are able to maximize and take advantage of this data to ensure we are using the best combinations of keywords in our ads and landing pages for the best quality scores.

Geographically Targeted:
If there wan ever a huge opportunity that we see missed most often, it is in the geographical targeting of ad campaigns. Done correctly, the amount of wasteful click literally becomes non existent. Often times, this is a detail that goes un noticed which means that your budget is being eaten up by clicks that never have potential of becoming a client.

Budget Controlled:
NEVER extend past what you want to spend on a monthly basis. Your budgets can be capped on a daily or monthly basis. We can even turn ads on and off based upon performance of particular days of the week. ROI for you as our primary concern. We spend your money like it was our own!

For your PPC campaign to be successful, implementing the proper strategy is paramount. We will meet to discuss the types of business you desire, those that build the maximum ROI for the business and drive very specific, targeted traffic to pages that covert those visitors.

Our reporting system is a wealth of knowledge that will be shared with you at a minimum of once per month. When combined with our SEO reporting, it is a powerful 1-2 punch that will knock your competition out for the count! With colorful, easy to read data, you will know exactly how well your ads and SEO is performing.

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