STAR Marketing Sytem

Strategic Targeting Acquisition Response

A complete, state of the art solution for consistent new client engagement and acquisition delivers increased brand recognition and website engagement resulting in revenue growth.

Our proven strategic performance marketing and advertising system called STAR, reliably delivers a consistent branding presence to existing and potential customers and ultimately, more revenue to your business. Our team has launched and managed hundreds of successful campaigns in the Healthcare, Senior Care, Dental, Financial Services, Real Estate, Plumbing, Electricians, Pest Control and many other local businesses.

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We Are The Experts

Because our team has managed literally hundreds of campaigns, we have a history of results. We won’t be spending time learning on your marketing dollar. Our efforts are focused on methods that have proven success. We have the means to put proven campaigns and systems to work for you today so that you get proven results and a positive, real return on your marketing investment.

Predictable Marketing to
Your Target Demographic

Having access to extensive data on the online habits of your potential clients, we are able to ensure that your brand stays in front of them. With our intuitive software, we strategically place marketing in the places that your clients are surfing the web. As we stay in front of them, the likelihood increases that they will invest in your services, sometimes as much as 70% more likely!

Engagement & Aquistion = Retention

Up to 98% of the traffic that accesses your website will not make a buying decision on the first visit. Studies have shown that it takes a minimum of 6 touches with a client before they make a buying decision. How will you keep them engaged once they leave your website? The competition for these valuable clients is to great to just let them leave never to be heard from again. Our STAR System will make sure they remember you as they surf the web.

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